Travel reduction

Travel reduction

Modern businesses need to be agile – large global organisations increasingly need to react with the speed of smaller competitors. This requires close collaboration among geographically dispersed teams, suppliers and clients. How do you achieve this while keeping travel at a reasonable level?

Travel can be a big drain on your budget and your employees' time, affecting productivity and work–life balance. Sustainability teams are also under pressure to quantify and reduce carbon emissions arising from travel.

IT solutions that measurably reduce travel go hand in hand with improved operational efficiency, reduced costs and a lower carbon footprint…making a positive contribution to your business and your sustainability objectives. We focus on connecting your employees with each other – and with their customers and partners – in a way that minimises travel.

We'll help you to identify and gain the maximum benefit from unified communications and collaboration (UCC) and visual communications solutions.

From improving collaboration among globally dispersed teams to strategic supply chain management, we'll work with you to design the best solution for your business. We have expertise in both consulting and delivery – you'll benefit from our experience in implementing sustainable travel solutions in large organisations across the globe.


Our solutions result in quantifiable reductions in travel costs, travel time and carbon emissions – so you'll be able to measure and report on the benefits of your IT investment.

Our user-centric approach to unified communications and collaboration, including visual communications , allows you to focus on the experience and not the technology, delivering an effective return on investment by improving adoption. You'll also benefit from:

  • increased productivity when people can communicate in a richer manner
  • enhanced business processes by making scarce specialist skills more widely and regularly available throughout the organisation
  • improved communication thanks to physical visibility, which contributes to a stronger feeling of teamwork

Our solutions for reducing travel include:

  • How Do You Meet Assessment : we take a consultative approach to helping your business conduct effective meetings by aligning technology choices to your operational, cost and sustainability objectives.
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration Development Model : helps you develop a roadmap to achieve your communication and collaboration goals. The model takes a number of strategic and operational criteria into account, including opportunities to leverage UCC technology to reduce travel requirements.
  • Managed Service for Visual Communications : improves the adoption of videoconferencing by making it easier to manage and attend meetings. Our solution also uniquely helps you quantify the cost, time and carbon savings of your investment.