Waste management

Waste management

E-waste is growing in volume – it's predicted to reach 93.5 million tons in 2016. For IT departments, e-waste management can be costly. An ineffective e-waste strategy may result in increased operational costs, serious security breaches and negative publicity.

Yet, disposing of e-waste globally isn't as simple as it should be. There's a range of international legislation and manufacturer take-back schemes to understand, and managing multiple local e-waste companies can be difficult.

Managing e-waste effectively requires a lifecycle management approach. Our Technology Lifecycle Management Assessment gives you control of your complete technology life cycle – helping you to maximise your assets and simplify budgeting.

Once we've agreed that your technology has reached the end of its life, we can help you with disposal. We work with manufacturers and approved partners who've agreed to our 'four zeros' policy for e-waste management:

  • Zero landfill: we aim to eliminate disposing of e-waste in landfill sites.
  • Zero exploitation: disposal must take place in safe, ethical working conditions.
  • Zero data: data is destroyed, so security isn't compromised.
  • Zero cost: minimise or remove costs, which are an inhibitor of good stewardship.

Our e-waste solution is ideal for large multinational companies – our global footprint gives you access to our direct presence in over 50 countries on five continents.

Our technology lifecycle management solution​ offers you the following benefits:

  • a lifecycle approach – identifying and maximising equipment lifespan
  • a global service that provides environmentally friendly, ethical and secure electronic waste disposal
  • backing of experts and approved partners that meet NGXSYS's rigorous standards
  • a customisable solution, with options for government-approved security levels
  • a simple costing approach – zero cost for take-back, where possible
  • compliance with local environmental legislation

What we Offer

Our Technology Lifecycle Management Assessment for Electronic Waste provides a framework for you to dispose of electronic waste in a way that's:

  • simple
  • cost-effective
  • globally consistent
  • environmentally friendly
  • ethical
  • secure

By combining this capability with our Technology Lifecycle Management Assessment , you can gain control of your complete technology lifecycle, and have visibility of future budget and disposal requirements.