Communication lifecycle management

Communication lifecycle management

Effective business communication requires you to invest in the right infrastructure while scrupulously managing communication costs. With expanding communication options, these costs continue to grow and become more complex to manage, and can form a substantial portion of your organisation's expenses.

The need for cost control and more streamlined operations compels you to drive the adoption and use of communication tools, and better contain and account for your spend ... but you may be unaware of the full extent of your communications costs, or of all the options you have to manage them.

Effective communication lifecycle management requires a view of communication beyond the firewall – fixed and mobile, local and international, voice and data – to optimise routing, negotiate contracts and manage disputes. You also need to manage the communication systems across your network – inside the firewall – to ensure they're performing optimally, and at the lowest cost.

NGXSYS offers a range of cloud-based services to help you simplify the management of your entire communication infrastructure. From procurement to payment, you'll have a single view and full control over your telecommunication costs across all local and international sites and cost centres, devices and service providers.

Our solutions cover the following areas:

  • Telecommunications compliance audit helps you gain visibility of all communication channels across your entire network by tracking data generated by PBX, mobile phones, fax machines, proxy and e-mail servers and other devices – so you can identify usage patterns and savings opportunities.
  • Telecommunication expense management (TEM) optimises all your fixed-line and mobile communication costs globally. Our cloud-based, unified platform allows you to manage the complexity of your communication and data expenses in one place.
  • Telecom lifecycle services support your entire telecom lifecycle – from procurement to payment – by outsourcing the management and optimisation of communication expenses globally.
  • Professional services delivered consistently across the globe, for:
    • managing technology vendors and carriers to the SLAs you require, including repudiating and remediating
    • aggregating contracts and constructing commercial agreements that suit your risk and revenue models
    • adoption and usage management to ensure the optimal use of communication tools in your business

NGXSYS’s communication lifecycle management solutions hold the following advantages for your business:

  • On-demand information and a holistic picture of your telecommunication bills empowers you to make informed decisions, contain costs and support your organisation's corporate strategy with the right communication tools.
  • Scheduled reporting and integration with data analysis tools help you to identify savings and optimisation opportunities.
  • By eliminating incorrect invoice charges and highlighting billing anomalies that help reduce abuse, you can cut communications costs dramatically.
  • You're able to highlight where you're over-subscribed or under-utilising infrastructure, pinpoint wastage and inefficiencies, and streamline your communications systems.
  • You can facilitate centralised, more cost-effective procurement strategies.

What we Offer

NGXSYS's telecom expense management tool saves time, improves efficiency and optimises your communications spend by managing all your fixed and mobile network services. It captures your billing, inventory and usage data in a single cloud-based platform.

Our communications lifecycle management offering also integrates with these related solution areas:

  • Unified communication and collaboration: we'll help you optimise costs, as well as ensure that the most appropriate tools are in place for effective communication and collaboration.
  • Enterprise mobility: a strategic approach to enterprise mobility will help you ensure the costs associated with bring your own device (BYOD) and other mobility initiatives are appropriate to the outcomes for the business.