Your enterprise network is more than the LANs, WANs, routers and switches it consists of. It's even more than a productivity tool. It also creates agility and competitiveness for your business. Yes, network integration is a means to an end – a way to get information flowing smoothly and quickly between your employees, customers and partners. But it can also make you money.

To do what it does best, your business depends on your network infrastructure. NGXSYS thinks about the potential of your network every day. We see IP networks and networking as the platform of most – if not all – your business functions and communications, and a powerful point of differentiation.

Your productivity and efficiency depends on a network that’s always on and always accessible.

NGXSYS helps you ensure that your network is:

  • flexible and robust to respond to the changing dynamics of your business
  • tailored to meet your communication needs
  • managed end to end through best practices such as technology lifecycle management (TLM)
  • adaptable thanks to new computing models like software-defined networking (SDN)
  • compliant with regulations and corporate governance guidelines
  • aligned with the highest industry standards

We'll assist you in looking at:

  • routing and switching – strengthening your network by integrating and configuring its core components for maximum availability, flexibility, performance and security
  • wireless and mobility – creating secure wireless communications platforms that integrate seamlessly with your core network infrastructure to enable and support mobility, regardless of your users' locations or devices
  • data centre networking – architecting designing, integrating managing data centre networks consisting of server and storage networking, network and application services for the enablement of new computing models such as cloud and virtualisation
  • performance optimisation – improving the end-to-end performance of your applications and services across your communication networks to deliver quality of experience to all network users
  • support, maintenance and outsourcing – selecting flexible options that ensure your network infrastructure is managed in a way that best fits your business and budget

With NGXSYS to help you plan, build, support, manage, improve and innovate with your networking infrastructure, you can:

  • achieve network performance that exceeds expectations, ensuring maximum business continuity
  • reduce costs and complexity, and improve processes and securit
  • create a virtualised operating environment, helping you reduce your IT estate and drive greater efficiency
  • enable enterprise mobility by giving your employees access to all your resources from any location, at any time
  • support your unified communications and collaboration (UCC) adoption and other productivity-enabling applications
  • achieve the right balance of sourcing options, giving you flexibility in procurement options
  • support your sustainability initiatives by reducing travel, energy and waste across your business

​Our Technology Lifecycle Management Assessment is an IT infrastructure and network asset assessment service that helps you discover installed network assets, identify their lifecycle status, and determine maintenance coverage. It ensures that you don't expose your business to unnecessary risk, by aligning your network estate to configuration, security and patch management best practices.

​With the core role the network plays in enabling new technologies and processes, we can help you understand your network's readiness for:

  • Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) – creating a well-integrated, robust IP network to form the basis for your employees' UCC tools, from instant messaging to immersive telepresence.
  • Enterprise mobility – giving your employees access to their work tools from anywhere, at any time, using any device, with a network that's always on and always available.
  • Optimised data centres – working hand in hand with your high-performance network to deliver business services faster, more efficiently and more securely.
  • Security – ensuring that industry compliance requirements and network security are maintained while supporting innovations like virtualisation, mobility, and cloud computing.
  • Cloud computing – ensuring your networking infrastructure is ready to integrate systems and applications that would automate provisioning and orchestration of cloud-delivered service.
  • Software-defined networking – making networks more intelligent, programmable, and automated, enabling them to respond more quickly to business requirements.

If you're a multinational business , we will help you ensure that your network is fit to support you in extending your footprint into new mark​​​ets​.