Public cloud

Public cloud

Have you been looking for a public cloud service provider that has the flexibility of a real public cloud service along with enterprise-class security and controls?

Look no further.

We've built our Public Cloud IaaS, called Public CaaS, with the most demanding end users in mind. It supports on-demand provisioning of computing, storage and even networking. Our application programmable interface is easy to use and allows you to scale by automating your operations.

We get you to the cloud… fast! Our Public Cloud, which we call Publ​ic CaaS , enables the automated provisioning of virtual servers running Microsoft® Windows or Linux operating systems – in under five minutes.

Our Public Cloud service includes customisable virtual servers, secure cloud networking and up to 2.5 TB of block-based storage per server.

Use our web-based user interface or REST-based API for easy automation and integration. You can choose from either hourly or monthly pricing plans

Learn more about the services we offer:

  • Public CaaS: provides you with a secure and segmented hosting environment including server, storage and network elements.
  • Cloud Readiness Consulting Services : If you're contemplating a move to the cloud and are unsure if your infrastructure is 'cloud ready', we can assist.

NGXSYS can assist you at any stage of your cloud journey. Our expertise also covers the following technology areas:

  • Virtualisation: Making the 'physical to virtual' shift is a critical first step in the journey to the cloud. We'll assist you in virtualising the infrastructure and business applications that run in your data centre.
  • Network: If you've set your sights on the cloud, a thorough assessment of, and appropriate investment in, the network is critical. Ultimately, the user's cloud experience will only be as good as the transport layer. Find out how our performance optimisation services can assist.
  • Client computing : Position your business to embrace the consmerisation of IT, mobility and 'bring-your-own device' programmes.