Software asset management

Software asset management

​Like any other business asset, you need to effectively manage your software investments to ensure they deliver their anticipated returns. Without proper software asset management focussing on the lifecycle of your current and future investments, you'll lack visibility regarding:

  • your software requirements
  • what your vendor licensing agreements entitle you to
  • the enterprise software you currently own

This makes it difficult to budget accurately …and increases your risk of non-compliance with software vendor licensing programmes.

How well are you really managing your enterprise software solutions?

Take a proactive approach to software asset management. We can help you extract value:

NGXSYS equips you with the information you need to manage your software assets in the most effective way, through all the stages of their lifecycle. Our software asset management services include assessments, procurement services, professional services and managed services.

Through our services we will:

  • benchmark your organisation against existing software asset management best practices
  • establish your software needs
  • clarify which software your licensing purchases entitle you to use
  • identify to which users software has been deployed
  • pinpoint any areas of non-compliance
  • propose a right-sizing exercise to reduce total cost of ownership, if appropriate
  • recommend, deploy and manage toolsets that will enable you to manage your software assets effectively on an ongoing basis
  • assist you to develop a software asset management policy

Working with us, you can:

  • ensure compliance and mitigate the risk of legal and financial exposure
  • limit unauthorised and unplanned purchases, and rogue installations
  • lower the cost of software ownership
  • improve the accuracy of forecasting, budgeting and reporting
  • ensure good corporate governance through the implementation of policies and procedures
  • capitalise the full value of your software assets
  • eliminate the misuse of resources

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