End-user computing

End-user computing

End-user computing is no longer about managing laptops and desktops. Today, you need to support user access to services, applications, and data on any device and in any location. This revolution promises greater flexibility, productivity enhancements, staff morale improvements, and cost savings. Your business can benefit from these changes.

​​These days, your end users are using two or three, even four computing devices – all with different capabilities, models, shapes and sizes, operating systems, and security requirements. In addition, the applications served up to these devices are undergoing a metamorphosis in terms of the way that they're consumed − either as a service (through a cloud model) or more traditionally, in a client-owned, on-premise model. Transitioning to user-centric computing calls for a new approach ... and NGXSYS would like to help.

​In the new end-user computing environment, people want to stay connected and have access to the best networks and services as a seamless extension of their traditional desktop. They want to choose their devices and access personal applications while retaining access to corporate applications and services. They want to make their own IT decisions while still having access to IT support. They also need to be free from security threats.

Where does the end-user computing environment start and end in your organisation? How will a user-centric environment impact your IT infrastructure, security, compliance, and governance?​

We use our extensive experience and broad expertise to help you find ways to create an end-user computing environment by reviewing the following:

  • strategy, architecture and deployment
  • application management
  • extensive device policy frameworks
  • identity management
  • expense management
  • compliance
  • security
  • procurement
  • end-user support

Our end-user computing solutions deliver the following benefits to your business:

  • expanded global reach with the ability to serve you in 58 countries and five continents
  • a choice of consumption models that will reduce capex costs, allow accurate forecasting, and create operational efficiency
  • improved performance through increased productivity and more effective collaboration among your employees and with partners and suppliers
  • peace of mind that your data is secure and that you’re compliant with regulations
  • improved customer experience in that your customers have access to your offerings at any time and in any environment.​

Our end-user computing services include:

The End-user Computing Development Model: assesses your competence and capabilities against a set of operational and strategic criteria, and helps you create a roadmap to success

Cloud Services for Microsoft: a private or hybrid enterprise cloud service that provides a fully-managed Microsoft environment

Enterprise Mobility-as-a-Service: a global cloud service providing you with the ability to deliver a policy-based, device-independent, mobile device and expense management solution

Enterprise mobility: learn how our Enterprise Mobility Framework can help you assess and address your end-user computing requirements

Workspaces for tomorrow: understand your organisation's current maturity in relation to workspaces for tomorrow; determine your required future state; and create a roadmap to get there