Media and Communications

Media and Communications

As information converges through different channels to reach an array of devices across the globe, the line between communication and content is increasingly blurred.

The competitive landscape for providing and delivering rich, interactive content has changed. From voice to video, media and communications providers are diversifying their offerings to meet the demand for innovative, context-based services and content.

With these changes comes the need for a considerable transformation in technology. Now more than ever, you need the right IT solutions to remain agile and provision new services quickly.​​

NGXSYS has the global capability to support you through this market evolution. We understand that you need to optimise your internal network for maximum efficiency, and ensure that your external network supports your revenue-generating services.

Our wide range of professional and managed services will help you to assess, implement, monitor, maintain and optimise your IT environment. Our solutions include:

  • cloud
  • managed services
  • security
  • system integration
  • contact centre and customer services​

With rising costs, slow top-line growth, and a growing demand for innovative services and content, you're seeking new sources of profit. You may be expanding your business into new geographies as well as new revenue streams.

Convergence is the route to take, but you need a roadmap to ensure you can bring new services to market quickly, and at a competitive price. Your external network must be able to manage new, more complex data traffic patterns to support these services.

You also can't afford to let customer service levels slip along the way.

Using a consultative approach, we'll work with you to develop solutions that will support your current and future operating models. We'll ensure that you have the right tools and services for your:

  • enterprise services network – ensuring that your operations run smoothly so you're able to give your customers the support they need
  • revenue network – helping you generate revenue faster with services that cater for voice, data and video traffic

Our capabilities across all areas of IT will help you manage costs, optimise resources and maximise productivity through:

  • managing your network and equipment maintenance and support more efficiently – thus reducing cost and providing better information to management
  • providing certified, qualified experts on a global scale and with the appropriate expertise
  • providing cloud solutions that can significantly increase efficiency and lower cost
  • providing security and sustainable unified communications solutions

Our Skill and Expertise

  • ​Media and communication clients recognise NGXSYS for excellence in execution, our global reach and our thorough understanding of their needs.
  • Our skills and expertise encompass mobile, fixed, cable and media/broadcast.
  • We have multi-vendor capabilities and provide multi-vendor aggregation support across a variety of vendor products – for example, we manage up to 37 different vendors on behalf of a leading European cable operator.
  • We offer advanced technology life cycle management tools.
  • We have extensive experience in service desk and contact centre management. The solutions we've deployed enable over seven billion customer interactions each year.
  • We offer commercial flexibility through a choice of consumption models.
  • Our managed client premise equipment offering covers all equipment under one contract, saving you maintenance and support costs.​