Wireless and Mobility

Wireless and Mobility

As your workforce becomes increasingly mobile, your organisation has to accommodate growing number of converged wireless LAN (WLAN) connected devices – laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Your employees expect 'on the go' access to their applications, colleagues and resources wherever they are.

Wireless and mobile technologies offering always-on wireless services make your business more agile and ensure more efficient use of your employees' time.

NGXSYS's wireless and mobility solutions focus on key business, operational and technical requirements. From location-based services to radio-frequency identification (RFID), our wireless networks infrastructure and mobility application integration services make it easier for you to work seamlessly… and reduce complexity and risk.

We offer the following:

Wireless infrastructure solutions

  • Secure wireless LAN provides enterprise users with secure and controlled wireless network access.
  • Wireless mesh extends dynamic wireless connectivity outdoors across large and often challenging coverage

Mobility services solutions

  • Guest access enables secure and controlled Internet access for your visitors, partners and contractors, without compromising the corporate network.
  • Location-based services provide context-aware services that allow you to not only locate critical and high-value assets, but also provide important telemetry information on the status of these assets.
  • Voice over WLAN extends voice capabilities wirelessly via wireless IP phones and network integration with IP telephony systems.

What we Offer

The Enterprise Mobility Development Model will help you create an enterprise mobility strategy and roadmap to ensure your workforce enjoys all the benefits of mobility, without the risks.

Our Wireless LAN Site Assessment will help you identify the components needed for maximum wireless coverage, and the optimal placement of those components. We also recommend the features and functions necessary to secure your architecture, and create a wireless LAN design that will meet all your needs.

Uptime Support and Maintenance: We provide proactive, multi-vendor support and maintenance services to help you maximise the availability of your IT estate while optimising your total IT support spend.

We can also assist with these services, which relate to a comprehensive wireless and mobility strategy:

  • Networking: building a flexible, reliable corporate network that integrates seamlessly with your wireless and mobility infrastructure.
  • Enterprise mobility: giving your employees access to their work tools from anywhere, at any time, using any device ... including when they're using the wireless network on your premises.
  • Security: ensuring that your wireless and mobility infrastructure doesn't expose you to potential security breaches or data leakages.