Workforce optimisation

Workforce optimisation

Your contact centre is rapidly evolving as new technologies change customer interaction. Employees in customer-serving roles are no longer located in one place, and you face numerous challenges when managing tasks over the phone, the Internet or through interactive voice response.

Your customers want consistency, whether they use the contact centre, the branch, social media or self-service channels. To excel at multi-channel service, you need to ensure that all channels operate in a single, virtual service arena. Only through a streamlined CRM and workforce optimisation strategy, can you offer a consistent customer experience.

NGXSYS’s workforce optimisation solutions will help you ensure the right skills are in the right place at the right time, to deliver the highest standard of customer experience at the lowest cost.

Workforce optimisation enhances operational performance by focusing on these four areas:

  • Workforce management helps you forecast work volumes based on historical trends, so you can schedule your employees and monitor their activities in real time.
  • Competency management is all about ensuring that you have defined and deployed competency frameworks for all levels in the workforce, so you'll up-skill and promote employees appropriately.
  • Quality management uses voice recording technology and coaching modules to offer you a framework for monitoring interactions and ensuring a consistent customer experience.
  • Performance management measures the performance of your staff against key performance indicators in real time, with the results easily accessed on desktop dashboards and configured for all organisational levels.

What we Offer

Through discussion and interactive lear ning, our Contact Centre Development Model helps you better understand and define your current stage of development according to operational and strategic criteria, including workforce optimisation. We assist you in envisioning your desired future state and creating a detailed development roadmap to take you there.

Our Contact Centre-as-a-Service (CcaaS) offering is a new way to access the technology you need to achieve the most effective customer management operations – without upfront capital investment, underutilised assets or wasted capacity.

We also offer a range of contact centre solutions to help turn your contact centre into a competitive advantage.