Public sector

Public sector

Citizens across the globe require the seamless delivery of government programmes and services, and demand high levels of transparency and accountability from public sector agencies.

From health and education to infrastructure and utilities, the maturity of public services affects government's ability to deliver. Whether you're aiming to provide essential services where none exist or to offer more services, more quickly, to more people, there's a need for innovative solutions to swiftly close any gaps.

Do you have a clear roadmap for IT solutions to improve delivery to citizens?

Technology solutions can accelerate the delivery of services to citizens, improve operational efficiency, optimise costs and drive innovation in a secure environment.

NGXSYS partners with government and public sector institutions to provide and develop skills, solutions and sustainable IT strategies that accelerate government's ability to deliver and manage its services.

Our solutions cover:

  • connected real estate (CRE or 'smart buildings')
  • virtualisation
  • contact centres
  • cloud
  • communication lifecycle management
  • technology lifecycle management

Our interoperable platforms and end-to-end solutions allow you to fully integrate departments and organisations, within and across borders, so your IT investments support change as services to citizens continually evolve.

Issues and challenges

From municipalities to national departments, government agencies are seeking new ways to 'do more with less' to improve their delivery of citizen-centric services.

Using a consultative approach, we'll partner with you to address transformational objectives and specific issues such as:

  • collaboration and communication across departments and agencies, and borders
  • resource management, operational efficiency and cost optimisation
  • weak or outdated ICT infrastructure, and limited IT capacity
  • IT innovation and consolidation
  • streamlining assets and providing shared services
  • balancing agility with privacy and security
  • skills development and job creation

Our solutions and services include:

  • cloud solutions to equip your mobile workforce with secure access to data, applications and systems
  • enterprise mobility solutions to improve collaboration across local and national departments and agencies
  • IT solutions for digital cities
  • smart building technologies to improve city operations
  • advanced ICT infrastructure
  • interaction on demand' contact centres
  • leveraging technology to deliver services remotely, for example, telemedicine and e-learning solutions

We've supplied and managed complex, variable and flexible IT solutions for public sector institutions across the globe.

Examples of how we've partnered with government agencies include the following:

  • We provided an integrated ICT solution which covered voice, video and data for the Green Point Stadiumin Cape Town for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Using the connected real estate approach, we equipped the stadium with advanced communication infrastructure.
  • We implemented broadband convergence, high-speed, secured collaboration and military intelligence support for the Ministry of National Defence in South Korea.
  • Our coverage of the e-health network (60,000 m2) of the South West Alliance of Rural Health in Australiaenabled virtual consultation and videoconferencing.
  • We assisted Bangkok International Airport with a passenger terminal network and IP telephony, a multi-layered network and unlimited core network bandwidth.
  • We assisted the Australian Department of Education and Training to create a connected and collaborative learning environment, interactive whiteboards and application sharing.
  • Hamilton City Council pioneer shared services for local government