Multinational Business

Multinational Business

With global opportunities come global challenges. There are risks associated with expanding into new and emerging markets. You may need to adapt products, adjust processes, and recruit skilled employees who can speak local languages and understand how a particular market or country operates.

The complexities of running a multinational business can drain valuable resources and expose you to undue risk. Yet, to take advantage of the opportunities that international business affords, you need to understand and manage these complexities to maintain your competitive edge.

Does your ICT partner have a firm grasp of the challenges of global and international business, an extensive geographical reach and expertise, and the flexibility to deliver to your specific needs?

NGXSYS understands the complexity of managing a multinational organisation . We'll work with you to solve critical business issues through technology, including:

  • driving operational efficiency of IT infrastructures
  • creating profitable customer relationships by improving global communication channels
  • improving employee productivity through collaboration and knowledge management
  • reducing risk by securing networks, applications and data
  • maximising the value of information assets while minimising costs

We offer multi-vendor services and local support wherever you are and deliver services consistently across the globe through our global service delivery platform, allowing new features to be rolled out within days.

You'll also benefit from our knowledge of in-country nuances such as laws and regulations, tax and logistics, import duties, currencies, languages and cultures.

With competition in the global market at an all-time high, multinational organisations are struggling to achieve economies of scale, leverage global buying power, and contain costs.

Managing numerous service providers across various regions can lead to escalating costs, delays, multiple points of accountability and poor service delivery – which is why you're looking for:

  • flexibility, scalability and consistent global multi-vendor solutions
  • minimal capital investment in costly infrastructure
  • specialised global IT skills with local expertise
  • improved staff collaboration and productivity
  • exploitation of the convergence of technology to optimise existing infrastructure
  • insight into the total cost of sourcing your IT products and services, and visibility at every step of the supply chain process
  • management of the risk inherent in cross-border shipping including customs clearance and the payment and reclamation of VATs and other taxes
  • increased efficiency and a streamlined procurement and logistics process through automation and systems integration

Our Skills and Expertise

  • We have extensive experience in developed and emerging markets and the ability to deliver multiple services, across multiple technologies and multiple vendors, globally.
  • We have a direct presence in over 50 countries and through our preferred partners offer support in over 140 countries across five continents.
  • Our five Global Service Centres around the world deliver consistent services and offer round-the-clock support in 13 languages.
  • We offer consistent support and maintenance services across leading technology vendors, including: Blue Coat, Check Point, Cisco, Citrix, EMC, F5, IronPort, Juniper, McAfee, NetApp, Riverbed and VMware.
  • We build our Support, Maintenance and Managed Services from standard, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-aligned building blocks that can be grown as your business matures.
  • We have decades of experience in conducting international business. Our Global and International Account Programme comprises dedicated teams responsible for client management.
  • Our Global IT Procurement and Logistics Service provides cost-effective quote-to-invoice services, enabling the seamless delivery of multi-vendor solutions across the globe.
  • To date, over 3,150 of our employees acquired more than 12,420 technical certifications across 66 vendors .