Desktop virtualisation

Desktop virtualisation

Pressure to reduce IT costs as well as trends such as enterprise mobility and growing numbers of employee-owned devices entering the workplace are issues affecting all IT decision-makers. Faced with these developments, are you considering moving away from the traditional desktop and embracing virtualisation as a better way to operate your end-user environment?

In addition to enabling you to support new working styles and reduce costs, desktop virtualisation canbe a natural extension of server virtualisation initiatives, from which you've reaped impressive gains.

If you're setting off down the desktop virtualisation path, bear in mind that the server and desktop environments are not one and the same. Desktop virtualisation is in fact not a virtualisation project in its traditional sense. Rather, it's an application and desktop delivery initiative.

While the case for desktop virtualisation is compelling, in order to realise its advantages, you'll need to:

  • understand the impact on your user community
  • consider the ramifications on your current and future operating system, application and device strategy
  • evaluate your storage requirements
  • ensure you optimise the infrastructure required to support it.

If you're looking for more efficient, cost-effective ways to manage your desktop fleet, NGXSYS can assist.

We combine our understanding of the business drivers and technologies that enable desktop virtualisation with our expertise in Windows® desktop deployment, required infrastructure layers (network, data centre, and security) and applications that need to be optimised. This allows you to realise the true advantages of desktop virtualisation technologies.

From strategy and assessment, implementation of solutions and vendor technologies to network optimisation, we can support you at every stage of your virtual desktop journey.

NGXSYS’s desktop virtualisation services offer you a number of advantages:

  • A consultative, solution-based approach to understanding how the desktop environment can be optimised in order to deliver greater control and standardisation, while enabling end-user flexibility and ensuring greater security and compliance.
  • An in-depth understanding of the infrastructure (network, data centre, storage, server), Windows® deployment (including Windows 7 and 8), as well as end-user applications like Microsoft® Office and ​​unified communications technologies impacted by desktop virtualisation. This gives you assurance that the end solution is properly designed, implemented and managed.
  • You enjoy better security and are able to deploy new workloads faster.
  • You can embrace bring-your-own-device programmes and enterprise mobility.
  • Reduced management costs as devices and applications continue to evolve.

NGXSYS can assist you at any stage of your virtualisation journey.

Our Next Generation Desktop Virtualisation Assessment helps you create a desktop environment that combines a modern, well managed and easy-to-deploy operating system with virtualisation. – that's rolled out in a business-as-usual way − to avoid traditional mass deployment risks and interruption.

Our expertise covers the following technology areas:

  • Desktop deployment and management: Does your Windows desktop environment drain a high percentage of your IT resources? Discover how to optimise deployment practices and manage desktop resources to your greatest advantage.
  • Client computing: Are changing end-user requirements and an increasingly diverse device landscape challenging you current desktop focus? Learn how to extend the desktop experience securely delivering the applications necessary to drive your business.
  • Network: If you're travelling down the desktop virtualisation path, a thorough assessment of, and appropriate investment in the network is critical. Ultimately, the user's experience will only be as good as the transport layer. Find out how our performance optimisation services can assist.
  • Data centres : Let us help you evolve and optimise your data centre environment to set the stage for a smooth desktop virtualisation journey.