Secure mobile access

Secure mobile access

Corporate perimeters no longer keep critical and confidential information inside. In fact, the aim of mobility is to make data more widely available. This is where enterprise security and data protection become challenging, so IT risk management and mobile policy enforcement are crucial.

You can embrace the benefits of mobility without compromising data protection by implementing and supporting an identity-based mobile security strategy that's secure, compliant and efficient.

IT compliance regulations compel you to implement data leakage prevention (DLP) for classified data. Yet employees carry information-storing devices wherever they go – if these devices are lost or stolen, the resulting data leakages can be catastrophic.

We support your organisation through the process of managing IT security risks – from conception to completion – using a phased, cyclical approach:

  • Assessment phase: we help you identify all the risks present in your IT environment.
  • Planning phase: we develop a security roadmap or framework and identify the required supporting projects.
  • Architecture phase: we help you re-design your network to support your security objectives.
  • Solutions phase: we deploy the most suitable security technologies to meet your organisation's current and future requirements.
  • Operations management phase: we provide ongoing maintenance for the deployed technologies, helping you determine whether to outsource the management of some or all of your security environment.

We then revisit the assessment phase, focusing on a different or more specific area of risk.

​Secure mobile access​ will have the following benefits for your business:

  • Your business will face a lower risk of data leakages, security threats and resultant legislative penalties caused by lost or stolen mobile devices.
  • Your employees will be able to access work-related information, and communicate and collaborate with colleagues, clients and partners, from anywhere in the world, at any time, using any device – without worrying about security risks.
  • Your business will achieve greater productivity and efficiency, as well as employee satisfaction, thanks to the improved work-life balance secure mobility enables.
  • The flexibility of a securely enforced bring your own device policy can offer prospective employees a far more attractive employment proposition.

What we Offer

Our Enterprise Mobility Development Model helps you better understand your organisation's current state of development and develop an enterprise mobility roadmap.

Our Governance, Risk and Compliance Assessment evaluates your IT security risk profile against industry standard indices of confidentiality, integrity, availability and auditing.

Our Technology Lifecycle Management Assessment for Security gives you a complete picture of your network's security health. It helps you make informed decisions about immediate security priorities and plan strategically.

Our mobile device management solutions provide you with tools to enforce your enterprise mobility policies, monitor and regulate behaviours, contain costs and manage risk across all device platforms.

Our Managed Secure Infrastructure Service provides a platform for your operational management of IT and security assets. You're able to apply industry best practices and standards, and documented manufacturer guidelines, consistently.​