In a globalised business world, it's important that your employees communicate effectively from various locations and across multiple time zones. Your aim is to keep telephony and travel costs low, while increasing process and decision-making efficiency. But you don't want to inhibit effective collaboration offered by face-to-face or audio contact.

Virtual meetings via audioconferencing and videoconferencing can enhance your teams' effectiveness, no matter how dispersed they are. These solutions should be cost-effective, but also easy to use and accessible from multiple devices and end points. If not, your users may be slow to adopt them.

NGXSYS's conferencing solutions can help you maximise the use of your existing technology, improve performance and reduce cost through dedicated infrastructure and specific connectivity arrangements and agreements. We can help you:

  • design, build, support and manage audio-, web- and videoconferencing solutions – from web meetings to immersive telepresence
  • leverage your existing infrastructure and execute your communications strategy
  • incorporate conferencing into your broader unified communications strategy and roadmap
  • manage your voice, web and visual communications through managed services, to increase efficiency and end-user satisfaction
  • incorporate your end users' devices of choice into the overall solution, based on their behaviour and preferences
  • support your existing solution, but also create a roadmap to a future, integrated capability
  • integrate your audio-, web- and videoconferencing into a broader business-wide mobility strategy

You can expect the following benefits from our conferencing solutions:

  • Improved performance: your organisation's effectiveness is enhanced by high-quality audio- and videoconferencing, improving information sharing among multiple members of diverse groups and teams.
  • Greater efficiency: face-to-face communication is richer and more effective, resulting in faster and better outcomes.
  • Better use of expert skills: your subject matter experts are included in solving problems, from virtually anywhere.
  • Reduced travel expenses: your employees are present at meetings without having to waste time and money on expensive flights.
  • Reduced communications cost: you manage charges by using existing infrastructure and negotiating favourable service provider contracts.
  • Improved client experience: you facilitate better communication between the best- suited experts, partners and clients, which results in better outcomes for all.
  • Better work-life balance: Convenient, easy and accessible communication among teams across multiple geographies and time zones saves time away from home and the office.

Our conferencing solutions integrate with our unified communications and collaboration offering to give your employees access to the information and tools they need through a single interface.

Our Unified Communications and Collaboration Development Model is a practical tool that assesses your competence and capability in the area of unified communications and collaboration against a set of operational and strategic criteria. It measures where you are currently and provides a roadmap to a future, desired state.

Our How Do You Meet Assessment analyses the way employees work together and communicate, so we can recommend the optimal videoconferencing infrastructure for your organisation.

Our Managed Service for Visual Communications ensures your VC infrastructure is always on and working. We also provide 24x7x365 support.

Our Microsoft® Lync and Microsoft® Exchange Deployment Planning Services offer you best practices when implementing a Lync or Exchange solution. These services include Exchange, and Lync for on-premise, cloud and hybrid implementations.

Our Cloud Services for Lync is a private or hybrid cloud service that provides your organisation with valuable communication and collaboration capabilities through a fully-managed Lync cloud service.

As part of your organisation's move towards enterprise mobility , our conferencing solutions will enable your employees to connect from anywhere, at any time, using any device.