Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Global energy consumption has doubled since the 1970s and is predicted to rise by another 44% by 2030.

Not only does this present an environmental challenge but the continual increase in energy costs also puts businesses under pressure to lower their operational expenditure by focusing on energy efficiency.

With a data centre consuming up to 100 times more energy than a similar-sized office, IT departments can make significant energy savings in their own operations … and provide systems that reduce office energy costs.

Our solutions quantify and reduce energy consumption in:

  • Data centres – by focusing on the equipment and facilities to optimise power usage effectiveness.
  • Networks – by reducing energy consumption of communications equipment and leveraging the network's power management capabilities to control IT energy usage.
  • Smart buildings – by using the network as a platform for reducing energy consumption and increasing operational efficiency in buildings through a fully integrated architecture.

With expertise in consulting and delivery, we'll work with you to design the best solution for your organisation. We'll also help you map and change energy usage as your business needs change.

Our solutions result in quantifiable reductions in energy use, costs and carbon emissions – so you’ll be able to measure and report on the benefits of your investment.

  • Cost savings: By managing energy usage effectively in your data centre, network and buildings, you can significantly reduce energy costs and demonstrate rapid returns on your investment
  • Reduced environmental impact: You'll also be able to show a positive – and measurable – reduction in your carbon footprint. This helps your organisation meet its sustainability objectives and makes it easier to comply with regulations on carbon manage ment.

What we Offer

  • Data centre design – identifies the optimum facilities and IT design to maximise power usage effectiveness.
  • Power and cooling Assessment – identifies, pre-empts and solves power- and heat- related problems in data centres.
  • Server Virtualisation Assessment – identifies opportunities to virtualise and consolidate server infrastructure to quantify energy reduction.
  • Technology Lifecycle Management Assessment – helps you plan your network infrastructure and identify opportunities to deliver increased energy efficiency by using the network.
  • Smart Building Services – design and implementation of integrated IT architectures that deliver optimised energy efficiency and greater operational control (available in Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific).