Visual communications

Visual communications

It's a well-known fact that 70% of communication is visual, hence video collaboration is becoming more mainstream. Why then is videoconferecing infrastructure underutilised?

Visual communications solutions can be highly effective if you understand your users, invest in fit-for-purpose tools, address bandwith concerns and have a clear strategy to ensure success. Your solution must meet the needs and working styles of your users or it won't be viable.

To get the most from your investment, you also want to procure and manage these tools in a way that suits your business.

Your unified communications and collaboration infrastructure and your visual communications (VC) infrastructure (including videoconferencing and telepresence) is meant to improve the speed and quality of communication across different locations. So, why are you struggling to realise the value of your visual communications investments?

Success can be described as increased usage and adoption, ease of use, a reliable and working infrastructure ... and a faster return on cost-effective investment.

We'll work with you to understand your users' profiles and design a solution that accommodates their requirements.

Your customised management or procurement model can include elements of a managed service, hosted or cloud solution. We can provide a clear transition plan to suit your objectives.

We believe there's a visual communications solution for every business need:

  • If you hold many meetings in different locations, telepresence provides high-definition audio, multiple reactive cameras and ambient lighting.
  • High-definition videoconferencing supports conferencing to a room of participants.
  • Personal video screens enable interactive, confidential one-on-one meetings.
  • Video on mobile devices or laptops creates a highly mobile workforce.

Our visual communications expertise and investments in this area ensure a holistic approach to your business challenges.

What we Offer

Our How Do You Meet Assessment analyses the way employees work together and communicate, so we can recommend the optimal visual communications infrastructure for your organisation.

Our Visual Communications Consulting Services assess and remedy problems with your current solutions. They also help you develop a visual communications strategy and drive user adoption.

Our Visual Communications Implementation Methodology supports the lifecycle of your visual communications projects. You get the benefit of our experience in rolling out IP telephony and VC solutions around the world.

Our Managed Service for Visual Communications makes sure your VC infrastructure is always on and working. We also provide 24x7x365 support .

These solutions and services integrate with our broader unified communications and collaboration offering to give your employees the information and tools they need through a single interface.

As part of your organisation's move towards enterprise mobility , our visual communication solutions will enable your employees to connect face to face from anywhere, at any time, using any device.​