Customer interaction business intelligence

Customer interaction business intelligence

Your contact centre is rapidly evolving as new technologies change customer interaction and customer expectations. Having visibility of your customers' behaviours, their experience, your daily operations, and the effects of business and operational initiatives is imperative.

The ability to make informed decisions in a timely manner, with the evidence to support them, can be the difference between success and failure. This is why you need a streamlined and integrated customer interaction business intelligence solution.


It's important to use complete and timely information in making business and operational decisions affecting your communication with customers to drive – and not hinder – business success.

Along with workforce management and quality solutions, NGXSYS's customer interaction business intelligence offering ensures that you have the right information to best manage interaction with your customers.

Customer Interaction Business Intelligence enhances business and operational performance by focusing on:

  • management information systems:
    • management reports, trends and dashboards
    • contact centre-specific and integrated business reporting
  • analytics and the voice of the customer:
    • real-time and historical reporting
    • agent desktop analytics
    • agent quality and capability scorecards
    • speech analytics
    • post-call surveys
  • benchmarking and best practice:
    • benchmarking of contact centre strategy and operations against industry vertical, local geography and global best practice

What we Offer

Through discussion and interactive learning, our Contact Centre Development Model helps you better understand and define your current stage of development according to operational and strategic criteria, including business intelligence. We assist you in envisioning your desired future state and creating a detailed development roadmap to take you there.

Our Contact Centre-as-a-Service (CCaaS) offering is a new way to access the technology you need to achieve the most effective customer management operations – without upfront capital investment, underutilised assets or wasted capacity.

We also offer a range of contact centre solutions to help turn your contact centre into a competitive advantage.